About us

Our Exclusive Service to you

To find and bring together the counterparty that is right for you, no matter what real estate asset you wish to buy or sell.


New and in excellent condition. In need of a refresh or in need of a total refurbishment. Each type has its own interested clientele.

Land / Plot

With project and building authorisation, with agreement for the land, or simple building calssification, the best party will be very specific.

Real estate portfolio

A real estate portfolio is complex to market. Indeed, the sums are considerable and the number of potential actors is seriously reduced. So, it is about being very savvy, informed of what the counterpart is looking for. The goal is to sell or buy the set at the best price.


Luxury and in perfect condition, or very busy in city center, or as hotel-apartment, the interested people are very diverse depending on the type of asset.

Commercial centers

Whether they are large with big-brand retail shops, or smaller centers which are more specialized and in industrial areas, the approach is very different.

As mentionned here above, each type of asset has its type of clientele that values it at best, and each economical actor has his preferred type of asset with which he best reaches his goals.

Having as many contacts as possible is the guarantee to reach the person looking for THIS specific good. This counterparty will have the biggest interest, in other words economical value is created and shared.

All actors will find buyers and sellers, but we will find who has the deerest interest. We constantly increase our number of contacts.


We will stay in communication with you throughout the process and keep you informed.


Our ethical work environment and principles allow us to establish a base of trust with our partners.This gives us the optimum stability to focus on getting the best result for you.


We are constantly increasing the number of partners to make it possible to find the best conditions for your transaction.

Why choose us

We blend modernity with conservatism, speed with reflection, idealism and pragmatism, humanity with efficiency. Each feature in the appropriate place to be the best choice partner.

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