Years of experience applied to their points of expertise to deliver best services.

We are the intermediaries between the buyer and the sellers of a buildings, commercial centers and areas, building plots and hotels. The number of our contacts, with key actors in real estate business, is the guarantee that we will find the best counterparty for you, whether you want to buy or to sell. We never compromise on our pledge to make sure that all transactions are done with the utmost confidentiality.

Our Expert Team

Our team is composed in the proper sense of the word. Each person was selected so that they can deploy their considerable talents in their area of expertise. The group is very dynamic and constantly in contact with the market participants, so as to best serve our clients interests.

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Properties We Deal

For total confidentiality reasons, some of our clients have asked us not to display anything about their asset publicly. Therefore only some assets are available to view on this website. There are many more assets which we cannot list here. To find out more about any listed or unlisted assets please contact us.

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Assets for sale

Whether you are a buyer or a seller in real estate, it is very important to associate with agents who do absolutely take your philosophy and who have the biggest number of contacts in the domain. These elements will ultimately yield the best execution of your interests.

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